The Company

A Company - we are laying your natural cobble stones

Working in all Germany our main field for the German speaking world is situated in Thuringia.
Furtheron we work in Italy, Belgium, and Portugal. On an average we employ: 28 Employes in Germany, Belgium, Italy and Portugal.

We offer

Quality and service to satisfy our clients.
Individual consultation and attention.

We are members of the SOKA-Bau and the BG-Bau Hannover.

We take into account your construction times and consider your construction progresses.


We use Big cobbles, small cobbles, mosaic stones, wild pavements and all natural stone pavements.

The laying will be done in segmentary bows, passe, romanesque passe, scale, rows, wild laying or in combination of layings.

Examples of layings

Laying and joining
The laying and joining is done with gravel, sand, concrete or other special mortar usual in the trade.